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Joucous is the work of Jordan Seal. Renaissance man for a burgeoning world of radiant wonder.

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Track Name: Oglom
Your love is strange. Even in dreams. Your love is strange...
Track Name: Olbix Armaflurr
My arrival was a mystery.
My departure will be a mystery.
Each animal in the ocean holds a pocket of air.
I am slowly moving forward, buoyant and unaware.
Black is the bottom.
Black is the top.
Sit in the middle and watch the fruit drop.
Track Name: Iobi Magra
You, you got me.
You, I am yours.
What, what am I?
I am somewhere beneath the soil.
I am somewhere; the light hits the Earth.
Blue sky I am apart; I am afraid; I tumble through it.
You I am yours; swim through your belly storm.
Track Name: Gangerlist Ukk
I am cured of this illness.
And I am free to look elsewhere.
And I will find what people believe to be unanswerable.
There is no door.
There is only a pool for me to dive in.
I will be shot away.
Past the castles.
Past the skies.
Past the walls.
Past the dimensions.
I will be shot like a cannonball.
Here I leave.
Track Name: Balmspah Silem
A fly breaks through your screen.
It buzzes around in your room.
It pierces your thoughts.
And lets itself into your dream.
How many intruders have broken into your head.
They live within your mind.
They rob you of your solitude.
They sabotage your loneliness.
You are not alone.
Track Name: Oglum Ow
Hold onto your sorrow.
Hold onto your grief
and value it.
Endless and futile
You may feel distraught.
The ache and pain
is worth more than gold.
Gold will sink
And fashion will fade.
Progress will forget us.
This moment you must never trade.
Others may shout louder than thunder
and roar at the sky.
Don't let this moment pass you by.
Do not flinch when the sword descends.
Your wounds are here for heaven to mend.
In this pit, lying on your back.
Hell is sacred.
It has chosen you.
Your body will be lathered in the goo.
Vegetables boiling in the stew.
Track Name: Ikli Ohma
You've got something left inside.
You are becoming an angel.
You are not defeated.
You are flying with the help of grey clouds.
You are soaring into the rain.
This is not your oblivion.
This is your resurrection.
Hatred is confusion.
Happiness is clarity.