The Flowering Shroud of the Self

by Joucous

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released July 8, 2015




Joucous Ottawa, Ontario

Joucous is the work of Jordan Seal. Renaissance man for a burgeoning world of radiant wonder.

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Track Name: The Flowering Shroud of the Self
I have a colourless face from which my thoughts are escaping.
My cheeks and my eyes are lit by a revealing glow.
If I am an illusion then I am a lover of these fading states.
If I am an illusion then I hold gratitude for all deception.
If I am an illusion then may I be bright and mystifying.
A head where a swamp resides.
A head dim and filled with silhouettes.
A head filled with the croaks the chirps, and hums of ancestral choruses.
I am an enchantment, a spell cast from the earth
Solid for the moment, though all is vaporous.
I am a part of the eternal changing.
I look up above the sun is changing too.

(You are living as the world)

(What is this negotiation with infinity?
You and I/The multitude
What is this division of the singular?
How many voices exist within?
What is this quiet space that pushes us apart,
That holds us as individuals?
What is this separation,
This incision into the divine,
This spectacle of forms?

We are branching out in all directions.
Bestowed with freedom.
Blessed with chaos.
Time is shaped like a tree)

I am inside the world
The world is inside of me.

I have faith in the shining darkness.
I am bonded to totality.

(light in, light out)

(They go looking for those that have gone
And they cry because they cannot find them.
Someday I will have no location
And they will think that I am dead
But my teeth will be the mountains
And the sky will be filled with my blood
And I will touch every atom.
Can you recognize your loved one as a leaf?
Do you see them in the sun?
You may have knowledge that covers colossal distances
over the plain of existence
But you cannot truly understand nothingness
The alluring graceful void
And if you look inside that which is too dark to be black
you will meet god.)