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Joucous is the work of Jordan Seal. Renaissance man for a burgeoning world of radiant wonder.

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Track Name: Happu Ilka
Take me back to the day when the moon wasn't broken. Take me back to the days when the ocean wasn't brown. Take me back before the villages dropped children on their heads. Take me back before the shark laid down. Take me back to the days when we played with our mother. Take me back to when our father sang songs. Take me back before the wind sounded of agony. Back then before the rain cursed my eyes. Take me back when the trees grew tall on the banks, grew tall on the back of a turtle shell. Take me back to the days when you held my head like an octopus.
Track Name: Uhlisa Bost
Thirst for water to leak from your wounds and for blood to stay in. Drink from wounded rivers that lead back to the only one.
Track Name: Jalu Yoma Opix
The universe has forgotten how it got here. It has a poor memory. It only desires to perpetuate its splendor. I hold out my hands and cup them together. My only desire is to drink in its beauty.
Track Name: Omyda
A plant finds mother in the morning. All will never cease to sway. Our existence always spinning. My mother a flowering orb of fiery flesh. She sends her warmth an unfathomable distance through the hollow black horror known as space. Only a faint touch and all is alive. Paradise has changed. It will keep on changing. Species will change. They keep rearranging. Little beings mere compartments for the spark to grow. Breath in the light and your stomach will begin to glow.
Track Name: Oglik Galunk
I believe in redemption. Some force that burns a hole through the rooftops. I've seen sickness and death transformed into a miracle. Even in decay we can become closer.
Track Name: Lonka Wan
Only the dead emerge cold from their mother's womb. Let us share the warmth of living. Let us remain close together.
Track Name: Hox Myla
These rays of light will never grow old. Though they may dissolve into their separate ways. No one knows the distance. You've got sunlight. I can see it pouring out your eyes. Your glow is forceful. It is shaking me now. What is the mystery behind electricity. What is the destination of all energy.
Track Name: Illglist Omonome
As you dissolve from one portal to the next. You will notice something following you. You are actually following it. Flow in and out of yourself as you please. Do not mistake yourself for a shadow. You are a process. A shapeless fire.