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Joucous is the work of Jordan Seal. Renaissance man for a burgeoning world of radiant wonder.

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Track Name: Oglo Utyanwa Jow
There is a secret knowledge that lies within the self. And when your eyes are blue. And your mind is ready to be as wide as the sky. You will see it.
You will run like a man running down a mountainside. Jumping from rock to rock. Hopping over streams. Finding ledges.
You will feel a forest changing within you.
Only a dream can impale the sky.
Track Name: Arbicheway Atyna Ohix
I dream I am the sun. There is no more Earth and no more Moon. The universe is my solar system. I light it well. I am too small to find and yet all light is led by me. I orchestrate infinite rhythms, chimes, notes and melodies. The sound of light spreads throughout. Infinite makes infinite countless again and again. I am lost. You won't find me.
Track Name: Anumeean Oddobrix
Do not put yourself in storage. Languishing in obscure spaces. Do not let yourself be forgotten in the corridors, in the compartments, in the carefully measured sections within the obtuse. The pyramid life is not for you.
A volcano runs. The Earth cannot contain itself. Mountains ripple. Waves.
Track Name: Omnoziuss Elp Yura
You fly through a blurry cosmos, faded into tones and auras. All the stars and celestial organs are pushed back in waves as you pass. You are dancing. Your face is shimmering. Explosions in the distance. Lightning through rivers of rushing clouds. A thousand skies. I am watching, below you, lying on the ground.
Track Name: Lumaydia Glua
A frog in a fountain. A moon over a mountain. The heart is a bubble floating gently beneath the chest. My belly rumbles. I emerge from my cave. I ride the river like a wave. Outside this orbit is where I make my nest. The bottom of the universe is mine to infest.
Black skin without scars. A forest of stars. The light is so dense, it flows like milk. Stories that won't be told are mine to behold. Grape vines fill my head. They sew my thoughts together like thread.
I return to the Earth and watch the leaves fall. They crumple up like a paper ball.
Track Name: Sangfosha Ameen
Shaman coursing over minds. Shaman over me. Shaman how loud will you be? Will you whisper noise into the hearts? Will you sing yourself free?
You are on man, split into two, unified by sound.
Shaman I will give to you. All the visions in my head, I will share with you. I will dance in colours for you.
We travel through dreams together. We are manifold.

(Dedicated to Peter and Rob: You let me expand as an artist. Your friendship has lifted me. I am fortunate.)
Track Name: Jaga Yogose Gulltri
If my teeth were black then my mind would be green. It would slither out my ears. It would be obscene. If people had ten feet instead of two, the ocean would be a bed of flowers for them to run through. I am the creator of a different life, one where folly has replaced strife.
The coffin is a box where dreams will ensue. You will imagine you are a grasshopper and it will be true. Hop into my hand and I will give you a view.
Track Name: Goluetta Ullu
I met a god. He did not rule. He did not order. He stretched out his arms. He protruded his belly. He submitted himself to be eaten. His people feasted on his body, gnawing away at him. A stream of visions passed through their heads. They did not know that one day they too would give themselves to be eaten.
Track Name: Gruld Jogu Ozax
You love the morning. The morning is the ritual. You need a night light. The night light is the ritual. The tide comes. The tide goes. The moon is the ritual. Awake from your cradle. The screaming is the ritual. Awake and rise into your mother's arms. The feeding is the ritual.
When your death comes, each step is a prayer in the ritual. Walk into the earth and be consumed by the ritual.
Glass bodies, glowing colours, illuminated from above. No beauty is ever wasted in the kingdom of life.
Track Name: Galm Jabul
Inside of me there is no gravity. All my visions rise like smoke. Within me I am a cloud of birds. We migrate as snow turns to rust. Here there are many seasons.

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