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Joucous is the work of Jordan Seal. Renaissance man for a burgeoning world of radiant wonder.

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Track Name: Seekc Seekk Uckshu
Track Name: Almia Sanguraa Yuna
Detached and untangled.
Piece by piece dismantled.
Muscles and sinews stretched between teeth.
I am to be chewed on until I can't take it anymore.
Fall into the stomach.
Forced down below.
I travel under.
I go there to melt.

It was beautiful to see your teeth sink into my sky.
The ground which held me, torn and champed upon.
My whole world went rushing past your uvula,
Followed your throat and was engulfed.

It's not your fault that you devoured me.
I was feeble, ingrained in wonder.
Others are strong.
I am weak to your gaze.
I was anxious to get close.
My eyes were wide,
My neck exposed.

Some are swayed by the beauty and they will be consumed.
My colours exist within you now.
All that I am, given to you.
Track Name: Goloemay
Oh torment.
Waiting to be bathed in dust.
Waiting for a new season, for light to feed the Earth.
Waiting for the absurd, and vulnerable, to emerge.

Wrathful spirits, decadent in their brilliance,
Knowing beyond the projections of faith.
Take this world.
Change the way we feel the sun.
Let the female form something new with the male.

Show me the hope in this beauty before it crushes me.
Show me that the beauty holds strength.
Track Name: Opulott
Your spirit is within me.
An infection.
Blissful recollection,
a hold of me.
I have turmoil inside of me.
I have chaotic love.
I have an abandoned body,
And there is love within it.

I am giving.
I am barely giving.
But I am here to give.

Trembling man, filled with longing,
Against the future he will stay the same.
He received the sky and knows nothing else.
He received the sky and knows nothing.
Watch me stumble, my thoughts are prayer.
Track Name: Algomietta
To the spiritual masters who positioned themselves against our world:
You had peaceful resolve and far reaching vision.
You challenged the angular ways of man
with your wisdom abound.
You showed compassion where others wouldn't dare.
Yet you knew conflict;
You were beset by troubles.

You spread your arms like an ancient tree,
casting your fingers into the sky.
You sapped lustre and vitality from the sun.
You spoke directly to it.
The movement of the sun and the animals beneath it,
You knew how to fit in between.
You knew where to fit in between.
Your eyes glisten, reflecting heaven away.

I need your guidance to resolve my plight.
I need you now.
I am brittle and wavering.
Hold me now.
My soul feels broken.
Track Name: Yundle Ockt
Memory is terrible.
It brings close to me.
Visions beset me,
Showing me what I lack.
My church.
My religion.
I worship the time that is gone.
I revere minute details.
In awe of their sanctity.
Your smile, light flooding through coloured glass.
Sun and rain showering down together.
I hope that God isn't a memory.
Track Name: Slanja Samsha
Stranger to light.
You hide away beneath the dirt.
You don't know your eyes.
You let your time rot.
The sun is harsh against you.
Your love is strong but the world has betrayed you.
You live beside the roots,
Forsake the green,
And forsake the blossom.
You believe that you are mud.
Don't you know that it is the sun that made you.
And it will be the sun that saves you.
Track Name: Awara Kullemm
I am separated. I hope to be resolved. I have a vision of a hollow log sinking into a forest. I have your image. It envelops me. I don't know what to do.
Track Name: Olomia Unju
I knew where I was going.
Certain that I was blessed.
Into your eyes I stared.
Into your eyes my whole world went.
From your eyes I learned.
I learned that there is no greater ambition than to remain still,
To be possessed by the moment.
I learned that some moments will bring you closer to the earthly mother.
That her secrets will be revealed in a gust of wind
that carries you like a leaf.
I learned that time can rejuvenate.
That the feelings of youth may overtake you.
Your spirit may be revitalized.

The water is clear. The mind shimmers. The sun is strong.
I was so close to enlightenment.

I no longer see your eyes.
I feel as though I am no longer.
Though I am educated by grace.
And I will remember the ephemeral.
I will hold on to your sighs and laughter.
I will remember all that we shared together.
Track Name: Orinn Awmnia
God, I struggle with your radiance. You gave me love. Her hands passed through my ribs, beyond my flesh, and inside. With her touch my soul expanded. I witnessed the colour of the sun as it came to the horizon. I experienced joy. She is a miracle. Her kindness and acceptance felt like liberation. God, you set to divide me. You left me alone in torrential emotion. And in a dull and somber void.

The wind comes and takes the seed,
Throwing it all around.
They are left scattered,
waiting to begin.

Fire comes rushing out,
Waving its arms in the air.
A meadow awakens,
Wild and beginning.

A shelter well crafted,
A place to hide the mind.
Moss and mold and insects hint at something more.

I am a mystery,
Buoyed by the unknown.
I hurl myself into the swarm of sparks
that make up this universe.

God, you will tear me away. You will transport me. I will trip and fall backwards, and find a new canopy hanging over me. Your universe is magic. It is ever changing. I must humble myself. I must be still as my world comes to pass. As my world comes to pass into another. I believe in your change. I believe in your growth and decay. I believe that she and I will meet again. The world folds and unfolds. I unfold with it. I am grateful. Love is perpetual. And love.

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